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Post pics, text, videos, literally anything without being tracked.
Social network is not a business, it is a place to chill.

Secure. Simple. Free.

Share content without tracking and context ads

For users, not for money

Komfy doesn’t track you and doesn’t sell social activity to companies. People often get annoyed by seing ads with their interests because it is creepy. We respect your privacy and won’t get into your personal life. Our focus is user experience, not profit.

Not ads. Sponsors.

Instead of analyzing your interests and picking advertisment we will only show untracked sponsored posts to maintain Komfy. Revenue from sponsors is spent on services and promotion.

Safety and freedom.

We don't delete posts if they are related to religion, politics and other topics. People have rights to discuss things but we disrespect humiliations. To prevent abuse, we use different filters when users send posts to prevent spam, illegal materials and scam links. We try to keep safe and have freedom of speech at the same time.


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